Paris Summer Fashion: Keeping Cool, Comfortable and Chic In the City Heat

by Aisling Greally
Written By

Aisling Greally

Aisling is an ardent explorer of hidden places and hideouts in Paris. She is the founder of the site TrésorParisien where she shares her stories of discovery and her adventures in Paris. View Aisling Greally's Website

20 comments on “Paris Summer Fashion: Keeping Cool, Comfortable and Chic In the City Heat

Any chance I could find out source of the hat? Heading to Paris in a few weeks! Thanks.

One of the things I love about Paris is the absence of trainers (or “tennis shoes” to Americans) worn by people who are not exercising. You see women leaving work and changing into stylish flats to walk to the metro. I hope it stays that way since there are already enough casual slobs in the world.

Aisling of TrésorParisien

@Bob… wow, that’s a whole other sartorial story 🙂

Great post. Any advice for guys? Thanks!

Yes its all about the Maxi dress this season -vey nice, thankfully I have bought 2 maxis-cant wait to visit Paris soon…

Love this post! I visited Paris in April and have been wondering about the summertime dress. Thanks for the pics and info.

Thank you!!!

Aisling of TrésorParisien

What great feedback, thank you all.

@Melissa, I believe these sandals are Church’s.

@kiki the bistro is my favourite but I would take the Borsalino hats down!

can you let me know what brand the blue sandals is on this blog, please? I really love it.

Thank you!!

I could swear I saw your girl in the Panama and striped dress this morning enroute to the pool..
But she’d taken a scissors to her hem and was carrying the appropriate Sephora striped shopping bag!
Thanks for the pet pic on FB!!

I ADORE the tresorparisien shots – this is so über-cool….. want the dress, the hat, the bistrot… 🙂
thanks for this timely and cool post

Glad you like the looks! I love black & white too, I agree très Parisien!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

LOVE the looks!!! Stripes is SO Parisian chic!

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