You may not be allowed to bring your chestnuts to roast, but if you’re looking for the ultimate winter feel in Paris, then there are a handful of restaurant options. These establishments are the rare pearls to have open fireplaces within their dining rooms and are the perfect antidote to the bitterly cold weather. From historic to modern to trendy, there’s a fire for each of you!

On left: A comfortable fire casts an orange glow over a café table, leaving the patron to enjoy her book and large mug of coffee on a grey winter day. On right: Light pours into the library room and onto a dining table of Atelier Maître Albert, a modern rotisserie on Paris' left bank.
Pavan Trikutam / Atelier Maître Albert

Atelier Maître Albert

Situated on the Left Bank, opposite Notre-Dame Cathedral, Atelier Maître Albert is a modern rôtisserie and is the brainchild of Guy Savoy, one of the country’s most celebrated three-Michelin-starred chefs. The restaurant serves various types of meat and poultry expertly roasted on open flames, although there are fish and veggie options too.

Atelier Maître Albert, a cozy, mode rôtisserie in Paris' 5th arrondissement, offers a simple, yet hearty, dish of lentils, perfectly poached eggs, and toast with ephemeral radish slices.
Atelier Maître Albert

Diners can choose to eat in the modern wine cellar (excellent selection) or the library room, but the real draw here is the “chimney room” with its imposing open stone fireplace, which also features an open kitchen. 

The chimney room of Atelier Maître Albert features an imposing stone fireplace and open kitchen. Diners can enjoy fireside meals in this Left-bank establishment opposite Notre Dame.
Atelier Maître Albert

Le Coupe-Chou

A 1962 hangout for actors who would convene after their nightly performances, Le Coupe-Chou is one of the most romantic places in Paris.

On left: The metal hearth of La Cave de l'Insolite is bright and cozy, offering diners a charming atmosphere in this restaurant located on the rue de la Folie Méricourt in Paris. On right: A fire roars in a chimney, leaving the orange glow of embers as flames lick the logs.
La Cave de l’Insolite / Elijah Hiett

Housed in a 17th-century townhouse, the candle-lit rooms are adorned with curios recalling the area’s history. Although there are many snug spots around the restaurant, you can’t beat being right by the roaring fire. 

La Cave de l’Insolite

Opened by two passionate brothers, Arnaud and Axel, La Cave de l’Insolite is a wonderfully neo-rustic restaurant and wine bar that has contributed to the rue de la Folie Méricourt’s rise in popularity.

On left: A forkful of ravioli stuffed with tender beef cheeks and topped with fresh scallions, made by Les Chouettes, a cantina located in the upper Marais neighborhood of Paris. On right: A plate of luscious scallops sit lazily in a creamy sauce, made by Les Chouettes, a chic eatery in Paris' Marais neighborhood.
Les Chouettes

Pairing a hearty bistro menu with an excellent wine list (150 bottles and counting), this atmospheric spot is all the better in the winter months when the charming metal hearth is ablaze. 

Les Chouettes

An upper Marais establishment, Les Chouettes is tucked inside a former toy factory, and the fun factor certainly remains very much instilled in the ambiance. Evening atmosphere exudes a chic cantina feel, with creative cocktails and beautifully presented dishes. 

Hôtel Grand Amour

The city of light, love and style thrives after sunset. Reservations are a must with a trendy, happening scene here at Hotel Grand Amour‘s restaurant.

On left: The glow of the teal, purple, and red neon sign of the Hôtel Grand Amour in Paris' 10th arrondissement invites passer-by to step inside for a taste of bohemian spirit. On right: Elegantly-plated pâte à chou wear delicate swirls of chestnut cream, surrounded by vibrant orange slices.
Hôtel Grand Amour / Les Chouettes

A bohemian locale in spirit, guests can wander from the terrace to the dining lounge – the more you mingle, the better. The menu features modern, well-executed French dishes using simple ingredients. 

On left: An abundant bouquet of flowers sits on the fireplace mantle of Hôtel Grand Amour, an hotel and restaurant located in Paris' ninth arrondissement. On right: The bohemian spirit shines in Hôtel Grand Amour, bookshelves crammed with books and photographs.
Hôtel Grand Amour


Atelier Maître Albert – 1 rue Maître Albert 75005 Paris

Le Coupe-Chou – 11 rue Lanneau 75006 Paris

La Cave de l’Insolite – 30 rue de la Folie Méricourt 75011 Paris

Les Chouettes – 32 rue de Picardie 75003 Paris

Hotel Grand Amour – 18 rue de la Fidélité 75010 Paris

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Neil Kreeger

Originally from London but living and working in Paris for more than 10 years, Neil started out as a travel journalist mainly reviewing hotels all over the world for an online magazine based in Paris. While he still writes for various publications including Luxos Magazine and Pullman Hotels’ Junction Magazine, he has more recently turned his attention to the food and beverage industry and has worked at several well-known restaurants in Paris.

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  1. My daughter found Le Coupe-Chou when we were visiting in Paris for Christmas/ New Years. We we’re simply captivated by the warmth and ambience of this place. And yes, the food was good as well! I highly recommend experiencing this incredible yet unpretentious restaurant.
    Nancy Flemming

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