Discovering Nice & the French Riviera: One Day Trip at a Time

by Marisa Williams
Written By

Marisa Williams

A self-taught photographer, Marisa was born in the San Francisco Bay Area where she continues to live, work, and plan annual escapes from. Her travel images have appeared in advertising, print and online publications, and grace the walls of high-end hotels and private homes around the world. View Marisa Williams's Website

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15 comments on “Discovering Nice & the French Riviera: One Day Trip at a Time

ps I have written a little guide to how tpo get to Nice by train which I think is a great way to go:

Your photos make me want to go back to the south of France, they look like a dream.

Absolutely, Holiday Rentals Nice. If the public transportation in a place is known for being affordable and efficient, I will often choose it over renting a car. I feel like this gives me a much better sense of place, local life, and more. Public transportation also offers interesting routes, views, and people watching! Think, for example, how much of Paris you’d miss by avoiding the metro. Or all the nooks and crannies you might never see if you never gave the bus (in Paris) a go. That said, in some places a car *is* the only way to get around, out, and about. Thankfully the French Riviera is not such a place.

Holiday Rentals Nice

Thanks for the post, and it is especially interesting that you didn’t hire a car but instead travelled on public transport. You must have got more of a feel for the place by doing that. I am looking to book my holiday there this year.

Gorgeous! I will have to make a point of visiting this beautiful city.

Way to inspire wanderlust! I love those colors on the buildings – such beautiful and warm colors.

Kudos, Roger! I think anyone who gets to that garden in Eze will soon have the same designs on making France their home one day. I certainly do!

Merci, Liz 🙂

Glad you had a lovely trip, Lily!

These are gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing!

I remember visiting the gardens in Eze whilst on holiday with my parents in the 1950’s. They so impressed me that I decided then and there that one day I would live in France, which I do.

I just recently returned home from a trip to Nice and ahhh it was just as you said in your post. Lovely!

Met the sweetest cats on the little rooftop terrace there, where I was staying. Delightful amenity! Glad you appreciate the standout beauty of Cassis too, Christine. Isn’t it just breathtaking? A pinch-yourself kind of perfect place. And thank you for your kind words, Lindsey. I think you and Mr. Cheeseland should definitely take a break down south soon …

Brings back memories of when I used to live there! Love the colors, and that cat looks just like mine back home in the states! I’m happy in Paris for now…. but a vacation over the summer to the South might be nice 🙂

Ahhh so glad you enjoyed it!!! This made me want to go back to Nice ASAP–thank goodness I have a trip planned in June! I haven’t been to Cassis since I was 16, but I still carry around a photo I took on a disposable camera there when I deemed it the most beautiful place I’d ever been. Ah jeez…I need a France fix!

remember that spring funk I mentioned? this would be the perfect cure. Thanks for such a fantastic journey – those photos are absolutely stunning!

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