French Inspired Holiday Gifts To Buy Online: Part 2

by HiP Paris

It’s been quite the year. To start the giving season in good cheer, why not get a head start on holiday shopping with this list of French-inspired holiday gifts. All of the many options on our list have been purposefully chosen to help bring France home for the holidays until you can get there in person once again. Treat your friends, family, loved ones, and yourself! And, of course, if you can, buy from local shops when possible!


Left: the cover of the book "Un Bistrot Parisien." The letters of the title are in white, and there is a man wearing an apron with "La Fontaine de Mars" written on it in red. The man is holding a bowl of food. Right: Author Alois Guinut is sitting on steps outside in Paris. She is holding her book, "Why French Women Wear Vintage." She is wearing maroon boots, jeans, a black leather jacket, and a blue and white striped shirt. she has brown hair and it is pulled back.
Top: Med Eddarami / Above: Un Bistrot Parisien – Vogue / aloisparisian

Why French Women Wear Vintage: and other secrets of sustainable style by Alois Guinut

Available on or Amazon

Guinut’s newest book builds on the style secrets, brands, and timeless essentials of Dress Like a Parisian. She teaches you how to buy less but better, mix new and old, and care for clothes. Save the planet and money while looking chic!

A Parisian Bistro: La Fontaine de Mars in 50 Recipes by Cécile Maslakian 

Available on Amazon

While the buzzing atmosphere might be hard to recreate, you can make their magnificent recipes. Dishes like cassouletpâté, and strawberry pistachio sabayon will transport you to the heart of the City of Light.

Left: a man, David Lebovitz, is holding a cocktail glass with a red drink in it. His hand is visible and he is wearing a ring. His body is blurry, but he is wearing a black shirt and dark colored jeans. Right: A stack of three "Drinking French" books on a wooden bench. The cover is blue and the title is written in yellow. There is an image of someone pouring a cocktail on the cover. There are leaves visible at the top of the photo.
David Lebovitz

Drinking French: The Iconic Cocktails, Apéritifs, & Café Traditions of France by David Lebovitz 

Available on or Amazon

Dive into the drinking culture of France in this stunning book. Drink recipes—spanning hot chocolate to apéritifs and cocktails—will lift the spirits, along with recipes for snacks to satisfy your salt cravings. Santé!

The New Parisienne: The Women & Ideas Shaping Paris by Lindsey Tramuta

Available on or Amazon

This fascinating book focuses on one of the city’s most prominent yet mythical features: its women. Discover women-owned shops, venues, bistros, and more. Lindsey Tramuta explores oversimplified archetypes and recasts the women of Paris in their glorious complexity. 

Left: an aerial view of the book "The New Parisienne: The Women & Ideas Shaping Paris" by Lindsey Tramuta. The book is blue and the writing is white, red, blue, and yellow. The book is on a cream linen sheet. Right: Author Lindsey Tramuta holding her book. She has brown hair and is wearing a gray t-shirt with black pants. She is sitting on a gray couch and a green and white pillow is visible to the left. There is a circular painting on the wall covered in orange, yellow, and green koi fish.
Lindsey Tramuta – thefbcparis

Self Portrait in Black and White: Unlearning Race by Thomas Chatterton Williams

Available on or Amazon

Born in the US to a Black father and a white mother, Chatterton Williams believed one drop of black blood meant one was black. Then, he married a white French woman, moved to Paris, and became the father to two white-presenting children, leading him to question whether these labels can adequately define them, or anyone.

Left: an aerial view of a table with raviolis in the making on it. There is dough and the cheese filling for the raviolis on the table. There is a bowl filled with the filling in the bottom left corner. A little girl and a woman are standing at the table and the little girl is looking up. Right: an aerial view of a table with several food items on it like two pumpkins, a bowl of chestnuts with a few on the table, garlic, turnips, onions, and bacon are visible as well.
Mimi Thorisson – mimithor

Dinner in French: My Recipes by Way of France by Melissa Clark

Available on or Amazon

NY Times food writer Melissa Clark’s most recent cookbook features 150 recipes, bringing a modern twist to classics such as salade Niçoise, scalloped potato gratin, lamb shank cassoulet, ratatouille, sheet-pan chicken, and apricot Tarte Tatin, just to name a few.

Left: a woman is on a bike on a outdoor path. There is grass with a few different dirt track marks which make out the path. There is a basket on the bike filled with vegetables. The woman has brown hair and is wearing dark clothing. She is looking at two white and brown dogs which are in the bottom left corner. Right: an aerial view of a table with food on it. There are three bowls of soup with small raviolis in it. There are a few glasses of wine and water and there are ears of dark colored corn on the table. A little boy wearing a blue shirt is looking up and there is a small brown and white dog behind him.
Mimi Thorisson – mimithor

Old World Italian: Recipes and Secrets from Our Travels in Italy by Mimi Thorisson

Available on or Amazon

One of our favorite French bloggers Mimi Thorisson chronicles her family’s new adventure in Italy, where they have been based for the past few years. You’ll find 100 recipes from diverse regions, and Oddur Thorisson’s stunning and evocative photography.

Left: a cream colored text box with French words written on it that read "Le bonheur est toujours à la porte de celui qui sai le goûter." It is an advertisement for Boissier Chocolat. Right: an aerial view of red, orange, yellow, and green gummy bears on a blue background. The bears are in a diagonal row.
Maison Boissier


Fer à Cheval Soaps

With all the handwashing going on, being kind to your hands is paramount. Marseille’s Fer à Cheval soaps are organic and free of chemical nasties. A set of gently perfumed soaps, an unscented bar, or this set of soap cubes are great (and practical) gifts for anyone on your list.

Left: a stack of three blocks of soap. There are two large blocks and the one on the left is cream colored, the one on the right is darker brown. There is a third smaller block on top of the cream block. There is also a wooden clothespin to the right. Right: a woman is holding a child on her lap. The child is wearing a white lace top and is holding a green block of soap. Grass is visible in the background.
Savonnerie Fer à Cheval


Chocolates from Maison du Chocolat

Hand-made chocolates from one of the greatest chocolatiers in the world? Yes, please! Our picks: the Hatbox, Coffret Maison, sugar-glazed chestnuts, a praline gift box, and indulgent truffles. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Left: a red box of chocolates on a white marble table. The packaging is covered in holiday images in red, white, yellow, black, and blue. The box is open and there are rows of chocolate visible. Right: an aerial view of pieces of chocolate, nuts, and praline on a white marble table.
La Maison du Chocolat – lamaisonduchocolat_paris

Candy from Maison Boissier

The beautiful, reusable tin alone is reason enough to buy these Parisian gummy hearts. Or, delight your inner child with these gourmet gummy bears. And, in case we haven’t given you enough chocolate options, chocolate pearls, whether plain or crispy, are the perfect stocking stuffer.

Left: an aerial view of chocolates and caramels. Some are in small boxes and others are on the pink table. "Caramel Boissier" is written on the boxes. There is also a cup of milk visible in the top left corner. Left: a stack of circular tins filled with candy. The candy is pink, white, cream, and purple.
Maison Boissier

Diptyque Candles

During uncertain times, there is something comforting about the tried and true. One French luxury candle brand is certainly that: Diptyque. Evoke the Mediterranean landscape, scent your home with the smell of roses and black currants, or transport yourself in front of a roaring fire.

Left: three holiday themed candles on a table in front of a Christmas tree. The candles are on stacks of notebooks. The candle to the left is blue, in the center is green, and to the right is red. Right: a table with a large white candle in the center. There are other decorations around the candle such as two green and blue candle holders and a green vase with greenery inside it. The candle is lit.


Swedish-born Lina Nordin Gee took social media by storm with her daily watercolors painted during le confinement. Her Parisian Postcards are full of charm, light, and joy and come in three different sizes. The perfect gift for Francophiles, art lovers, and travel enthusiasts.

A collection of 6 different illustrations of Paris. The illustrations are colored in in watercolor paints. The images are: A Parisian building with small trees in front of it, the Eiffel Tower colored in purple and pink, two ladies from the early 20th century, a cherry blossom branch in front of a Parisian building, a Parisian hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the window, and the Paris Hotel de Ville with a carrousel in front of it.
Parisian Postcards

We were smitten with Jessie Kanelos Weiner’s dazzling book Paris in Stride. Now, a limited edition run of prints from the book are available to purchase, along with NY-themed prints, stickers, postcards, and more. Don’t miss the limited-edition prints of Île Saint-Louis, Les Deux Magots café and our favorite Paris, je t’aime

A collection of several Paris and New York themed illustrations. There are images of Paris, the cover of the book "Paris in Stride" which is blue, images of New York, the cover of the book "New York in Stride," which is cream and blue, and more images of New York.
Jessie Kanelos Weiner


Left: an aerial view of some beauty products on a cream linen sheet with white and yellow flowers on it. There is a silver tin and a bottle of perfume as well as a product for the eyes. Right: a blue, gray, and cream pouch on a cream linen sheet. There are white and yellow flowers on it.
The Paris Chic Box – My Stylish French Box

My Stylish French Box, an offshoot of My French Country Home, takes the guesswork out of gift shopping. Our favorite, naturally, is the Paris Chic Box, which we created in collaboration with My Stylish French Box. It captures the essence of the stylish Parisienne and is perfect for the chic woman in your life.

Left: an aerial view of what's inside the Paris Chic Box. There are several different products visible including coasters, a scarf, and beauty products. Right: Author Thomas Chatterton Williams. He is wearing glasses, a green, red, and blue scarf, and a dark coat and he is standing in front of a window.
The Paris Chic Box – My Stylish French Box / Thomas Chatterton Williams – chattertonwilliams

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Left: an aerial view of several bars of chocolate from Boissier. The Boissier wrapper can be seen on the chocolate bars at the bottom of the image and there are bars with no wrappers at the top. There is milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate visible. Left: an aerial view of red, orange, yellow, and green gummy bears on a blue background. The bears are in a diagonal row.
Maison Boissier
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