Paris is the fashion capital of the world, so it’s no wonder that international labels want to have a presence in the city. And one of the things I’ve loved about moving here is discovering new brands that are now staples in my wardrobe. In fact, one of the many perks of Paris is that you can find not only French, but international labels that you wouldn’t necessarily find at home. So, here are some of my favorite international fashion brands that you can discover in Paris.


Left: a woman standing on a Parisian footpath in front of a shop window. She's wearing a pale blue blazer and matching shorts, with sunglasses, a multicolour handbag, and tan heeled boots. Right: a close up of the same woman's legs with the handbag and boots.
Top: The Odder Side. Above: Miista

Miista is a UK-based footwear brand with Spanish roots. The brand is at the forefront of style, and their footwear aligns perfectly with the Parisian chic aesthetic. It plays with shapes and materials to create unique and unusual forms.

Left: a smiling woman standing on a cobblestone footpath in front of a shop window. She's wearing a brown dress with a white miniature handbag and black heeled boots. Right: a white slip on mule shoe with a blue plastic bottle top lid as the heel.

Using Italian leather and other solid materials, their shoes are crafted in the highly skilled shoemaking community of Alicante, Spain. This fashion-forward brand also has a sustainability program. For example, their Karolina mules feature a bottle cap heel made out of 50% recycled plastic.

The Odder Side

Left: a girl standing on a Parisian footpath in front of a door to a building. She's wearing a dress with a jacket and black chunky boots. Right: a girl looking through the books of a bookseller on the Seine in Paris. She's wearing a white shirt and is carrying a straw shoulder bag.
The Odder Side – Carly Dame

The Odder Side is a Polish brand inspired by the “girls of Paris”, and they often have Paris-based influencers as their muses. The result? Modern, minimal, and high-quality basics.

Left: a girl in front of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. She has blonde hair and is wearing a high neck, sleeveless top or dress. She has a tattoo on her shoulder. Right: a girl looking in the mirror of a Parisian apartment. Her blonde hair is in a bun and she wears a gold hoop hearing.
The Odder Side – Carly Dame

The Odder Side uses beautiful, soft fabrics to create relaxed, comfortable fits and flattering cuts. They aim to offer pieces that go together, to provide a complete look. Many feature a signature low back, but don’t worry, they have bodysuits with matching low backs to wear underneath.


Left: a woman on rocks by the ocean wearing a short blue and white patterned dress. Right: a woman on rocks by the ocean wearing a long orange patterned dress.

The Australian brand that was always the go-to for my friends and I for formals (the Australian version of a prom), the horse races, and weddings, Zimmerman has now taken off internationally, worn by celebrities, models, and influences alike.

Left: a woman on rocks near the ocean wearing a long, frilly pale pink dress with black polka dots. Right: Katie Holmes in front of a bar covered with vases of flowers wearing a patterned shirt and matching pants.
Zimmerman / Katie Holmes wearing Zimmerman

Zimmerman is known for their signature floral prints, pastel colors, and the feminine style of their ready-to-wear, resort wear, and swimwear. This iconic Aussie brand has just opened its first store in Paris, and they also have stores in Capri and St. Tropez.

Frankie Shop

Both New York and Paris-based, Frankie Shop is the place to go for minimal, effortless, and luxe-looking pieces that are the epitome of Parisian chic. A neutral-lovers haven, Frankie Shop is coordinated according to hue and tone.

Left: a girl standing in front of a white painted brick wall wearing a pale blue jumper and a navy blue coat. She has short blonde hair. Right: a pair of shiny red sneakers.
The Frankie Shop / Agogogang

Frankie Shop stocks exclusive pieces from renowned international designers such as Ganni, Rachel Comey, Rick Owens, and Karen Walker as well as lesser-known designers from Korea, Russia, and Ukraine. Personally, I love their quirky jewelry, shoes, and handbags. 

Samsøe Samsøe

Left: a girl standing in the headlights of a car. She's wearing a beige turtle neck sweater with a white and beige long skirt with snakeskin heeled boots. Right: a close up of the girl's face resting on her hand. She's wearing the same beige turtleneck sweater.
Samsøe Samsøe

Who doesn’t love Scandinavian design? Samsøe Samsøe is a Danish brand that has just opened its first store in Paris. Taking inspiration from Denmark’s renowned design tradition, they create minimalist, functional, and accessible fashion with a defined Nordic look.

Left: a man in front of a stone wall wearing a camel coloured jacket and matching pants, a white shirt, a grey scarf and sunglasses. Right: a woman's leg positioned on a tan leather chair. She's wearing black pants with brown snakeskin heeled boots.
Samsøe Samsøe

Being a Danish brand, Samsøe Samsøe is of course perfect for winter dressing, I particularly love their wool knit sweaters, scarves, and beanies, as well as their super-warm jackets and coats.

Pieds Nus

Left: a pale blue/green button-up shirt on a wood table. The buttons are black and the shirt doesn't have a colour. The label of the shirt is Pomandere. Right: a close up of a woman's outfit, she's wearing an pale orange shirt with an orange/brown knit cardigan, a cream and burnt orange scarf and jeans.
Pieds Nus – @omrirosengart (left)

Pieds Nus (“Naked Feet” in English) is a lovely boutique bursting with bohemian-chic looks, espadrilles, and basket bags.

Left: a close up of a woman's hand on her hip. She's wearing a delicate gold ring on one finger and a string bracelet with a gold pendant. She's wearing a pale blue shirt with the sleeve rolled up, a brown knit jumper and camel corduroy pants. Right: a close up of a brown, orange, red and cream scarf knotted and sitting on a cream knit.
Pieds Nus

They stock a number of our favorite French brands including A.P.C., Soeur and Toasties but also international labels such as Pomandere, Apuntob, Laura Urbinati, and Elia Maurizi from Italy, Spanish brand Masscob, and Danish brand Aiayu.


Left: a girl wearing a long blue denim skirt with a white top and denim jacket. She's facing the camera with her hand on her hip. Right: the same girl wearing the same outfit but without the denim jacket and she's wearing brown cowboy boots. She has her back to the camera, facing the white backdrop behind her.

A new installment in the Marais full of colorful, unisex streetwear, Agogogang comes with a bright pink facade, color coordinated interior, and funky changing rooms – it certainly caters to the millennial generation. But they also draw in the hipster crowd, with their 80s style bum bugs, bucket hats, and colorful roller skates.

Left: a woman wearing a beige cropped button-up linen top with ties on the shoulders and matching, long, wide pants. She stands with her body turned to the right. Right: a close up of the same woman wearing the same outfit from the waist up. She's turned her body to the left.

Agogogang stocks both French and international designers, including Danish brands like Colorful Standard, Arkk Copenhagen, and Hvisk. Other international brands include German brand Closed, and renowned American streetwear brands Huf and Obey.


Miista – 31 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

The Odder Side – 68 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris

Zimmerman – 29 Rue François 1er, 75008 Paris

Frankie Shop – 14 Rue Saint-Claude, 75003 Paris

Samsøe Samsøe – 27 Rue Saint-Sulpice, 75006 Paris

Pieds Nus – 50 Rue Sainte-Anne, 75002 Paris

Agogogang – 6 Rue du Trésor, 75004 Paris

Left: a blonde woman wearing a bright orange knit jumper and navy blue pants. She has one hand in her pocket. Right: two bags, one bright orange and one navy blue, with a hand holding onto the strap of the orange one. There are also two orange pumpkins next to them.

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