There is an increasing movement in France to support eco-minded commerce, with consumers demanding a certain ethical engagement from the businesses they support. Shops promoting fair trade are on the rise in cities across France, and Paris is no exception. From cooperatives that work directly with producers to creative caterers and events companies, those committed to promoting commerce équitable have plenty of options in Paris. Here are a few of our favorites:

Le Producteur Local

After opening up stores in Le Havre and Rouen, Le Producteur Local has made its way to Paris. This cooperative grocery store opened its first Paris address in the 20th arrondissement early this year, bringing locally and ethically sourced organic products to the masses.

Sustainable food shopping in Paris at La Cantine du Marché, where there's a juice bar in plant-adorned surroundings (left). Three girls enjoying a drink at La Cantine du Marché, with light filtering through the glass roof (right).
Top image: L’Épicerie des Environs – Jean-Marie Heidinger. Above images: La Cantine du Marché.

Thanks to its non-profit status, Le Producteur Local has no markup on what it sells and thus applies no margins to the goods sold, ensuring the producer sees every centime from every sale. The structure works thanks to a financial engagement from the suppliers, who pay a set yearly contribution, and the investment of time by the members of the cooperative, who participate in the running and management of the store. 

La Cantine du Marché

At a concert, art show, exhibition, or brand launch in Paris? You may be in the presence of La Cantine du Marché. This innovative company can set up vendor stands, a bar, and a seating area anywhere, affording featured restaurants and chefs a space to share their creations with the consumer. Providing exposure to local culinary talent is one appealing aspect of La Cantine du Marché’s business model.

Sustainable food in Paris at La Cantine du Marché, where they serve fresh-pressed juices and teas like this Chari Tea, and homemade ham salad sandwiches on a blue plate.
La Cantine du Marché

But their commitment to promoting locally sourced ingredients and zero-waste innovations is what sets them apart from your standard caterer. The company creates a dialogue about food activism and, in addition to partaking in various events, they also host workshops for consumers looking to learn more about cooking, healthy eating, and the ecological effects our diet has on the world around us. 

Sustainable eating in Paris at La Cantine du Marché's tables oustide the Grand Palais Museum in the sunshine (left). A waitress serving a male customer at the counter (right).
La Cantine du Marché

C’Juste Paris 

A sort of brick-and-mortar CSA, C’Juste Paris sells produce and other farm-fresh products straight from the producer. The Juste Paris network includes shops in the 11th, 17th, and 18th arrondissements. as well as outposts in the outskirts of Paris. All locations have one thing in common: They adhere to a charter that requires ethical distribution of goods, fair remuneration for suppliers, and total transparency for consumers. Seasonal produce and local specialties are regularly proposed, and occasional orders for meat, dairy, and other products can be arranged with the producers based on availability and community interest. 

A beautiful artisanal composition of sliced citrus fruit, juices, fruit waters and milk on a timber table at Cantine Vagabond, one of the best places to eat sustainable, ethical and fair-trade food in Paris.
Cantine Vagabond

Cantine Vagabond 

Seasonal, plant-based menus and a commitment to reduce food waste and pollution are the cornerstones of Cantine Vagabond, a caterer and cooking school. Organic ingredients, composting, and bike deliveries are all ways that this eco-minded company does their part to reduce waste and pollution in the city.

Whether your interested in learning more about vegetarian cooking by taking a class at their 18th arrondissement space, or would like to have some delicious, nutritious food delivered to your next event, Cantine Vagabond is a guilt-free pleasure in every possible way.

Paris’ Best Locavore & Fair-Trade Épiceries

More and more Paris food shops are committed to reducing waste and sourcing locally. While we’re excited to see the list of conscious shops expand, we always come back to a few of our favorites. L’Épicerie des Environs is a charming boutique in the 18th arrondissement that stocks high-quality products ranging from fresh produce and bulk goods to beauty and hygiene items and fresh baked bread and pastries—all organic, of course!

One of the best places to shop for sustainable, ethical and fair-trade food in Paris is grocery store L'Epicerie des Environs, with its shelves lined with products from all over France, as well as fresh vegetables like this basket of carrots.
L’Épicerie des Environs – Jean-Marie Heidinger

Now with two stores—one in Batignolles, the other in Beaubourg —La Récolte is slowly expanding its empire and we couldn’t be more pleased. Not only does this grocery store focus on transparency (photos and bios of each producer are displayed next to their products), it also hosts regular tastings and cooking demonstrations to inspire home cooking.

Sustainable and ethical grocery store in Paris, La Récolte, is now expanding to a restaurant space where they use seasonal vegetables like on this list for March (left) to make delicious dishes like this feast of veggies with sauce (right).
La Récolte

Le Garde-Manger des Dames is a quaint neighborhood corner store that might prompt a move to the Batignolles neighborhood. Here you’ll find seasonal, locally sourced, organic items as well as a lunch counter offering homemade sandwiches, soups, and daily specials.

Le Garde Manger des Dames in the Batignolles area of Paris is a go-to for sustainably sourced food and it's also a cafe that makes tasty baguette sandwiches.
Le Garde-Manger des Dames

Vegetarians will love HOLY Planet in the 6th arrondissement, which boasts nine years of serving organic, vegetarian, gluten-free meals to its neighbors, as well as stocking its aisles with ethically produced, eco-friendly, plant-based products. 

Inside sustainable and ethical food store in Paris Le Garde Manger des Dames, with wine and beer bottles on the shelves (left). The window and white shop front of Le Garde Manger des Dames (right).
Le Garde-Manger des Dames

Le Producteur Local – 168 Boulevard de Charonne, 75020.

La Cantine du Marché – at events such as FIAC, Who’s Next, Foire de Paris, and Culture au Quai. MAIF Social Club x La Cantine du Marché – 37 rue de Turenne, 75003.

C’Juste Paris – 50 rue des Moines, 75017. 95 Rue Ordener, 75018. 40 Rue Popincourt, 75011.

Cantine Vagabond – 11 rue d’Aubervilliers, 75018

L’Épicerie des Environs – 18 rue Ramey, 75018

La Récolte – 18 Boulevard des Batignolles, 75017. 43 rue Beaubourg, 75003.

Le Garde-Manger des Dames – 26 rue des Dames, 75017.

HOLY Planet – 34 rue Serpente, 75006.

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