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Wendy Lyn Visits the New Spring Boutique from Daniel Rose

by HiP Paris

It seems that Daniel Rose (owner and chef of Spring and Table 28) can do no wrong. Guest blogger Wendy Lyn of The Paris Kitchen stopped by for a tour of his just-opened Spring boutique… here’s a sneak peak!


by Wendy Lyn, The Paris Kitchen

American chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur Daniel Rose sent out a massive SMS invitation to lucky in-the-know guests to come to the new Spring Boutique opening last night. (If you haven’t heard of Daniel Rose or his Spring restaurant, just do a basic Google search and put on your seatbelt.)

His timing was perfect as it coincided with the much-celebrated arrival of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau. To say that it was crowded is an understatement – the tiny space was packed and spilling out into the streets.

A fellow reveler told me, “You’d have thought his SMS said the first 200 people get a reservation at the new Spring!”


Daniel and his lovely Marie-Aude dressed up in typical French worker “blues” and offered guests boudin blanc “hot dogs”, Lyonnais ham and samples of the wines poured by producers.


Photos: The Paris Kitchen

The boutique is a “work in progress” and the beginning of something new for the Spring brand (Spring Restaurant, Table 28).

Last night, grocery paper bags were filled to take away with cheese, wine, charcuterie, salts, teas, chocolate and olive oils – just a bit of what will be sold when the shelves are totally stocked soon.


I went back today to have lunch with the gang – and selfishly so – I not only missed talking to them last night because it was so packed, I missed the boudin blanc hot dogs!

Daniel gave me a tour, “I didn’t even get to talk to you last night! It was crazy.”

He raced to the rear of the store holding up a sack of orange flower leaves, “this is my favorite product in the store – very good in tea!” I asked, “Can you cook with them too?” He adds, “Sure! They’d be great in baked patisseries.”

You can taste the Spanish olive oils in the shop (made by an English-French couple at an organic cooperative in Andalusia) and then take home your favorite in environtment-friendly bottles (for 2e) in 50cl and 1-L amounts, which can be refilled on future visits without the bottle fee.

Picault, on the left, is smooth and peppery “great on Fish”, says Marie-Aude and the Manzanilla is a bit sweeter, “perfect on salads.”


The oil vats sit on a vintage stove covered in a pretty shell mosaic that Marie-Aude found on the internet. “Isn’t it amazing?” she says with her hands on hips, her head tilted to the side smiling at it with pride.

When I ask Daniel what his recipe for success is at the boutique, he doesn’t blink before answering, “One part what we love, one part what our customers love, and one part spontaneous discoveries.”
Spontaneous discoveries won’t be hard – when I arrived Daniel came in behind me beaming over a crate of intense-sweet-ripe smelling coing fruit (used to make quince) “Look what I just found!” … followed by a dozen neighbors who came in with food treats to welcome him to the quartier.

When bottles of aged whiskey came in, Daniel poured some in a glass, leaned over the coing and inhaled both deeply. I can see a new recipe and dish swirling around his glass and his mind.

Why the boutique?
“I wanted to open the kind of place I would like to go to do my own shopping, with simple elegant ingredients that need very little cooking.”

Like what? What would you choose?

“Oh, let me see, the Haricots de Soissons – hand-harvested beans by a cooperative in Vaudesson- drizzled with some of the olive oil or the pasta and tomatoes would be good and easy.”


There are even little bags of blue poppy seeds, sea salts from Noirmoutier, and blonde lentilles from Saint-Flour.

Josh is the head of the “wine hub” at the boutique, overseeing the selection in the restaurants and boutique – but Daniel grinned knowingly, “he is the caviste for all Spring adventures.”

70 different wines are currently on the shelves and another 130 are on the way. The bottles are 80% French, focus on small producers and one has never been sold in Paris, until now.

When I ask if they are organic, Josh answers, “Some are….but, I am not selling wines because they are organic, I’m selling them because they taste good.”
Love the tour, love the gang, love the chat. But, what about that hot dog?

The boudin blanc was so juicy and tender – I inhaled it. Topped with sweet onion chutney and peppery organic cresson – I seriously thought about another one. Passers-by can check out the special hot or cold sandwich “du jour” on the sidewalk chalkboard – served on a baguette from his favorite bread baker next to his Table 28. What about the NEW Spring Restaurant? The answer to that question has also arrived…it will open across the street from the boutique on the 21st of March. Ah, of course, that’s the first day of spring… when love is in the air n’est-ce pas?

Spring Boutique
52, rue de l’Arbre Sec
+33 (0)
Métro: Louvre – Rivoli
Open: T – Sat, 10 – 9pm

Don’t forget to check out Wendy’s blog, The Paris Kitchen.

Edited by Tory Hoen for the HiP Paris Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

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2 comments on “Wendy Lyn Visits the New Spring Boutique from Daniel Rose

Interesting store, but the rude employees ruined it for me. I’m not interested in being plainly judged by employees who pour generous glasses for their friends and leave everyone else with drips…

Spring Boutique looks wonderful indeed. And this is very easy to enjoy when in central Paris. Good news all around!

Sally Peabody

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