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Édith Piaf Centennial: Tracing the Roots of La Môme in Paris

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Lily Heise for Context Travel

Lily Heise has been living in Paris for over 10 years and currently works for Context Travel, working to bring Context into new markets around the world. When she's not working for Context, Lily is getting into romantic mischief and blogging at Je T'aime, Me Neither. View Lily Heise for Context Travel's Website

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4 comments on “Édith Piaf Centennial: Tracing the Roots of La Môme in Paris

Love Edith Piaf! 🙂 If you’re looking for info and background on another superb woman from history – our Jackie Kennedy exhibition is at Place de Thorigny until Tuesday May 26th! Just next to the Picasso museum and right in the centre of Marais, the best quartier in Paris!

I have admired Edith for long ago. My favorite song is La vie en rose. But, also I love Je ne regrette rien, Padam Padam, Le ciel de Paris and many other. her voice is unique, it has feelings and strong emotions.

YES! Literally every flight I take to Paris, I make sure to have some good ol’ Edith Piaf on my playlist. Milord has recently become a personal fav’. Can’t wait to be back in Paris in June/July!!!

Oh Piaf ~
My husband loved her. He listened to her music way before he met me and therefore I was introduced to her in the best of ways.
Then I saw a film about her, the end .. when she was old and sick and still smiling and lovely .. makes me cry every time I see it .
I often listen to the CDs we have of just Piaf singing .. je ne regrette rien..

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